Grit: 180, 8 inch radius CBN wood turner tool sharpening wheel

Grit: 80, 8 inch radius CBN wood turner tool sharpening wheel View larger

Wood turning tool sharpening CBN wheel, grit: 180

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Our Super Abrasive CBN wood turning tools sharpening wheels achieve superior surface finish. They are suitable for professionals and private use. Mostly are used two types of of CBN wheels for grind wood turning tools: straight and with round edges - wheel with radius. Both wheels can be supplied in requested grit sizes, outside diameters and bore diameters. Will last very long, will give superior finish.

Will work with most bench grinders. Perfect to grind scrapers, skews, and other wood turning tools. 

Reducing spacers/bushings are included to fit different kind of arbor shafts!!!

Abrasive type: CBN (Borazon) to grind hss and other metals (if you want to grind tools with carbide, please let us know)

Wheel shape: For wood turning tools grinding

Outside diameter: 8" or 203.20 mm

Abrasive layer wideness: 1,25" or 31,75 mm

Bore diameter: 1,25" or 32,00 mm

Bore reducing bushings included to fit arbor shafts: 25mm, 20mm an 5/8" (15,875 mm)

Grit size: 80

Wheel outside diameter 8" or 203.20 mm
Wheel width 1,25" or 31,75 mm
Bore diameter 1,25" or 32,00 mm
Fits Arbor Shafts 1,25" or 32,00 mm
Bushing included 25mm, 20mm and 5/8" (15,875 mm)
Grit size 180

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Grit: 180, 8 inch radius CBN wood turner tool sharpening wheel

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